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By ordering a commission, purchasing an original piece, or purchasing a print, you agree to these terms:


Terms of Service

Effective as of January 1st, 2014, pertaining to all business transactions between Artist and Client, where "Artist" refers to myself, Olivia S. Lehrman, the artisan, and "Client" refers to any purchaser or agent of a purchaser of my work, merchandise produced from my work, or who otherwise engages in business with me as pertains to fine and commercial arts.By engaging in business with me, Client agrees to these terms, unless otherwise negotiated before any work has been completed or payment has been exchanged.Translation:The following terms apply between myself, the artist, and you, the buyer, for all future agreements starting as of this post. These terms apply to all forms of artwork created by myself for any Client.





Client acknowledges that the images and items created are for personal use only, and agree not to use them for any commercial purpose, unless otherwise negotiated for an additional payment. If a change in usage is negotiated after the item or image is created, the Client agrees to pay an additional amount for the right to that use. Client will not reproduce or redistribute the image, or claim ownership of the image in any way, even with modifications, unless otherwise negotiated. Client may modify the item or image only to crop or resize, but may not modify the item or image in a way that removes Artist's signature or other identifying marks.

Exception: Client may post the image on websites such as Deviantart and Furaffinity, so long as ownership of the image is credited and linked to Artist. Artist retains all copyrights to the images and items created. Artist retains the right to reproduce and redistribute the items and images for commercial purposes unless otherwise negotiated.

Any work done by Artist cannot be sold by Client to other parties, with the exception of physical media work, prior to which Artist must be notified of transaction details including amount to be exchanged in return for Artist's original piece. Client cannot transfer rights of image to another party for any non-physical media.



For any transaction of $40.00 USD or more, Artist will first provide a rough approval sketch for pose. This is the time when the pose can be adjusted and set before moving on to lineart or color stages, when it becomes much more difficult to modify.The first 5 edits will be free in the earlier stages of a piece, such as correcting pose, making sure base colors are correct, making sure subject's details are correct, etc. Client should not wait until shading is being worked on to request a pose change. After the first 5 free edits, any further edits, or major edits requested in the final stages of a piece, will cost $15.00 USD each.



Payment for any transaction must be received in full before any work on the image begins unless otherwise negotiated. If Artist is unable to complete commissioned work to reasonable expectations within eight (8) months of receiving payment and all information needed to complete the commission, Client will receive a partial refund in accordance to how much work was given to the piece before a refund was requested, unless an extension is otherwise negotiated. If Client ceases communication about a commission that has already been paid for, after at least three attempts by Artist to contact Client and a hold period of three months from the last correspondence from Client, Client forfeits payment and the commission is cancelled with no further obligation from either party.



If either Client or Artist cancels a commission, a partial refund will be given according to how much work has already been done by the Artist, as defined by the Artist, prior to either party cancelling. Client will receive all work completed up until cancellation. Artist retains the right to reproduce and redistribute all items and images for commercial purposes unless otherwise negotiated. If no work has been done, Client will be given a full refund.



When purchasing a print, Client is entitled to one photo copy of an image and any packaging that is sold with it, for personal use only. Client has no rights to the image itself, and agrees not to reproduce the image in any way, including creating digital or non-digital copies, with or without modifications. Client agrees not to use the item or the image for any commercial purpose. Client agrees not to submit the image or the item to any third party, except as a gift.


When you buy a print, you get a print. You may not make copies. You may not scan it into the computer and/or post it somewhere, send it to a magazine, use it on the pamphlet for your business, make t-shirts out of it. You may not do anything with it except have it and display it somewhere as a decoration.






The item carries no guarantee of condition and Artist assumes no responsibility for damage to the item during shipping or use. Client acknowledges that craft items, including plush crafts, can be delicate and should be treated as such. As a courtesy, items with minor damage associated with normal use will be repaired free of charge, if the Client pays all shipping and handling costs. Please use your common sense about caring for your craft pieces. If, on a plush craft, a seam rips, you may ask to send it back to me and I will fix it for free, but I am not legally obligated to do so. I can patch chips or a broken off piece on clay works, but should you somehow shatter the entire figure, unless you send back every single piece, I will not be able to patch it back together for you. I will not offer you a replacement. I cannot offer replacements for bottle crafts should you be rough with them and shatter the bottle. You pay both rounds of shipping for free repairs. You can also find me at some cons, and I can do the repairs there.

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